4 Must Haves for a Beginner Poker Player

Poker Player

For any new poker player wanting to get started with online poker, there are things you must have in place. Whilst anyone can download a poker app or visit a cardroom, you won’t be adequately prepared. You’ll find yourself losing money, and quickly. That’s why in this article we are going to explain what are essential for a beginner poker player in the modern era.

1] Sign Up Codes

Fortunately, for new poker players, you can gain access to amazing sign up bonuses. Most online poker rooms incentivise new players by rewarding them with generous bonuses like matched deposit bonuses. Therefore, you’d be foolish to register on a poker site that isn’t offering any sign up bonuses. We suggest doing some research and finding a bonus code like this ggpoker code. By getting a generous bonus code, you can gamble with free money

2] Hand Rankings

Another thing a new player needs instant access to are hand rankings. For the experienced player, hand rankings are unnecessary. They know the rules and what beats what. Soon you will too but the beginner player should have a printed document or online version so they are familiar with the rules. This may seem obvious but you’d be surprised how many new players think a straight beat a flush!

3] Fast Connection

To play online poker requires quick internet speeds. There’s no point playing online poker if your provider is poor and you have a lack of 4G signal. You’ll find yourself disconnecting regularly and losing pots that you really shouldn’t be. This will frustrate you and impair your decision making.

Therefore, we suggest you invest in a decent internet provider through an internet comparison website. Or, play somewhere with a reliable connection like an internet cafe. Trust us, this is a big deal when it comes to poker, especially cash games!

4] Hand Charts

Lastly, we come to poker hand charts. These are not complicated math models that are hard to understand. Poker charts are easy to understand tables that detail the hand you can profitably play in a given position. Most poker players rely on their wits and experience to understand what hands to play and which hands to muck.

A beginner can’t rely on gut instinct yet and they lack the experience to know that ace eight from early position will be a losing play in the long run. That’s why it worth spending some time finding hand charts online. We recommend printing them off and keeping them nearby when you play for reference. This will improve your discipline and keep you from playing the more speculative hands in Texas Hold’em.

Post Author: Rudolph Hilpert